Responsibility at every step!

Our long-term experience in trading with pharmaceutical products allows for meeting the specific needs of all our clients on a daily basis in terms of finding individual tailor-made solutions which best fit their particular requirements and demands. We employ both experience and time in order to find the products demanded by the clients with the relevant high quality and from reliable vendors from all over the world. We maintain and develop long-term partnerships with an extensive network of medication manufacturers from the European Union with whom we could realize the full potential of any market.

Depending on your needs we are ready to provide personal service package which may include:

  • Preparation and implementation of orders;
  • Research and offer;
  • Warehousing and storage;
  • Packing and shipment;
  • Insurance and invoicing;
  • Client management;
  • Transport management.

Our potential clients of Europe and worldwide are provided with comprehensive information when we answer their inquiries even for the most scarce pharmaceutical products.

Precise and full information is accompanied at each stage and for every order to enable its implementation in the shortest and easiest possible terms. Our team will take care for both the goods and logistic aspects and for the documentation and financial processes.

Each stage of the services we provide, is subjected to a strict supervision conforming the Quality system. We observe the entire process in order to ensure that your order will be implemented in time and with the relevant high quality. We value your time and we value your trust.

Preserving the high quality of the pharmaceutical products offered is our primary care. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail of the products’ packing, storage and logistics in order to guarantee their contents and good commercial presentation.

During the entire process of implementing any particular order we strictly observe the discipline with respect to the regulatory and financial relations. We take full responsibility and commit ourselves to all documentation procedures which accompany the delivery. Because ethics is the most important pillar of business development.

Our clients are given qualitative products with verified origin within 30 days as of placing the order. The client pays the cost of the order at competitive prices before shipment. The added value of our service is its guaranteed excellent quality in return.

Action is the only step from a dream to success. Blagovest Belchev